Welcome to my digital résumé!

My career path has created a comprehensive track record in business-building, social media marketing, technology and workflow process improvement.
  • For BID Designs, LLC, I am a Government Contract Proposal Editor/Publisher and the Marketing Creative Lead .
  • A member of BNI® for 7+ years, I am the Director of Member Services for BNI Alabama, serving 40+ chapters and 900+ members.
  • The creation, branding, marketing, and promotion invested in my massive, five-year event, Rocket City Yoga Week – is a strong example of the energy and excellence I bring to any table.
I’m known for being a catalyst,
offering out-of-the-box solutions,
and getting things done!
  • A confessed technology-lover, I’ve designed WordPress websites and published a beautiful digital magazine.
  • I’m a certified and well-trained E-RYT200® Yoga Teacher with 20 years of yoga experience: I’ve taught thousands how to live healthier lives.
  • I spent numerous years serving as a corporate recruiter and a personal chef!
This website is my résumé: career journeys, accomplishments, portfolio, and testimonials from others. Based in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida, my skills are vast and I enjoy digging into projects large and small! Contact me or tweet me – I’d love to learn more about you.


Degreed out-of-the-box thinker with ten years’ expertise in business-building, social media marketing, technology, and workflow improvement.

Self-governed, self-motivated, and highly organized.

Talented copywriter/editor – a sharp eye for detail and creating visually engaging publications.

Tech-savvy and logical, using technology to improve workflows, perpetually aiming to improve efficiency.

Clear and concise communicator and public speaker.

WordPress website design & management know-how.

Certified Evernote Community Leader.

Bachelor of Science, Retail Marketing, Syracuse University.

Possessing Federal Security Clearance [MBI, Level 5 – Moderate Risk Public Trust. Adjudication Date: 02/10/2012]



“If you’ve done it, it ain’t braggin’.” ~Walt Whitman
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter
LinkedIn, Instagram
Pinterest, Tumblr
Vimeo, YouTube
Content Marketing
Strategy & Planning
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Powerpoint
Email Campaigns
TinyLetter, AWeber
Constant Contact
Projects & Teams
Website Design

From Others I’ve Worked With


“…Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.”

~Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata
Government Contract Proposal Editor/Publisher + Marketing Lead at BID Designs, LLC (current)

Government Contract Proposal Editor/Publisher + Marketing Lead at BID Designs, LLC


For several years, I've been a Government Proposal Editor & Publisher, rolling my sleeves up, learning, and doing whatever needed to help bring success to the organization. BID Designs recently appointed me to be the BID Media Creative Director and BID Designs Marketing Lead.

Manage marketing plans for Government Contractors: Social media, content marketing, digital advertising, press releases, website blog writing, and more.
Publish proposals fully compliant with government RFPs
Extensive experience with MS Word.
Full document analysis; confirming accuracy, style, visual consistency, and RFP compliance.
Formatting all styles: fonts, tables, colors, headings, bullets, paragraphs, headers, footers, and more.
Editing for proper grammar, acronym definitions, spelling, capitalization, punctuation.

Keep a beginner’s mind. Details matter.

BID Designs' website
Regional Director of Member Services with BNI Alabama (2012-present)

Regional Director of Member Services with BNI Alabama


Director of Member Services for BNI® Alabama – a region with more 40+ chapters and 900+ members.
Increase regional online exposure: Publicize entire region through email marketing and social media promotion.
Designed new regional website that, per CEO, ultimately set the global style standard for all BNI websites.
Manage full applicant and membership lifecycle for entire region: 40+ chapters, 900+ members.
Implement process automation; design numerous online application & membership forms.
Oversee E-commerce payments, invoicing, accounts receivables, report analytics.
Support Desk Ticketing System Management: 4600+ tickets solved in a year, reduced first-response time by 45%: 8.3 hours shorter than industry average.

Additional Leadership Roles Held:
Director Consultant – 2015-2017
Chapter Leader: Mentor Coordinator, Vice-President – 2012-2015
Technology and processes can save time. Relationships matter more.

BNI Northern Alabama's website
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (2009-present)

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher


I’ve been on my yoga mat since 1999. Practicing yoga is about connection – to Self and to the world. After being laid off from my final recruiting career, I taught yoga full-time for 7 years, creating space for students all from all over the world to see life from a different point of view.
E-RYT200 ® Certified Yoga Teacher
Created, optimized four successful brands: Yoga with Mitzi, Yoga HoM, Align & Wine, The Yoga Co-Op
2850+ teaching hours since fall of 2009; established client base of 250+.
1. What’s going on in life will show up on the mat.
2. I do not need to fix anyone.
3. I can create space, set the intention, do the best I can, and let go of the results.

My Yoga Alliance profile
Social Media & Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Editor (10 years)

Social Media & Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Editor


Omnichannel social media marketing management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr.
Editorial calendar creation; long-term planning and management.
Organize, write, edit, design, publish, and repurpose blog content, external links, email newsletters.
Establish and/or maintain branding and voice consistency.

I’M ORGANIZED & TECH-SAVVY: I manage marketing editorial calendars and write/edit social media campaigns, blog content, email newsletters, events, and more.
I TELL YOUR STORY: Everything I write, post, tweet, blog, email, share, and respond to is in your voice – whether it’s breezy and conversational, educational and factual, or anywhere in between.

I’m also a huge fan of Ann Handley and, when it comes to writing, she said it best:
“…Writing well is part habit, part knowledge of some fundamental rules, and part giving a damn.”
I love words. I thrive when using both the logical and creative sides of my brain at the same time.
Creator and Organizer of Rocket City Yoga Week (5 years)

Creator and Organizer of Rocket City Yoga Week


For 5 years, I hosted the largest yoga event in the state of Alabama: Rocket City Yoga Week. During these 5 years, Rocket City Yoga Week offered over 300 events, taught by more than 50 talented yoga teachers, averaged a yearly attendance of +2000, and successfully raised over $10,000 for charity.
Developed highly-effective marketing strategies and campaigns that successfully maintained exceptional turnout each year.
Heavily promoted event across multiple social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Designed and maintained event WordPress website.
Managed all event reservations, attendance records, release forms, analytics, media packets, press releases, using tools and platforms including Eventbrite, Zapier, Asana, Cognito Forms, PayPal.
Worked with multiple local organizations to promote positive community publicity for events.
1. To trust my BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal).
2. That I have insanely high, big-picture-seeing, multitasking capabilities that many do not possess.

Rocket City Yoga Week website
WordPress Web Designer (3 Years)

WordPress Web Designer


Designed clean, crisp, responsive websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Content creation, copywriting, editing, SEO setup, Google DataStudio analytics.
Taught clients to brand themselves with creative brainstorming and logical, easy-to-learn workflows.

Website #1 Website #2 Website #3 Website #4 Website #5 Website #6
The value of my time & energy, and that “No” is really a complete sentence.
Freelance Personal Chef (7 years)

Personal Chef


How would your life be different if healthy, delicious, food was waiting for you when you walked in the door…and you haven’t had to cook a thing? I helped friends & clients put healthy meals on the dinner table for years. I fed their souls.
1. Never assume client has the right equipment – bring my own.
2. I despise touching raw chicken. Ugh.

Read more here
Corporate Recruiter (13 years)

Corporate Recruiter


Recruited and staffed for numerous divisions, spanning Telecom to IT to Defense to Logistics & Global Supply Chain. Virtually supported, recruited & sourced for US and global facilities. Applicant tracking system on-site administrator and trainer.
Companies: Randstad Staffing, DeltaCom, Sanmina-SCI.
It never pays to doubt my first impression.
Radio & Technology Sales (3 years)

Radio & Technology Sales


Account executive at 2 different points in my life: selling presentation systems and radio advertising.
1. I refuse to spend my life in a car.
2. Money doesn’t drive me and no quotas, swag, challenges, or incentives will change that.
Casual Fine Dining Server at Pebbles Restaurant (4 years)

Casual Fine Dining Server


In 1990, the #1 restaurant in Orlando was Pebbles, owned by DAVGAR Corporation. I spent 4 years soaking up the food, wine, and service industry knowledge. Years later, I became a personal chef thanks to the deep wisdom I gleaned from Pebbles.
1. Exceptional customer service requires constant training and evolution. Train your employees. Make it non-negotiable.
2. No other restaurant will ever measure up to the service & cuisine we had at Pebbles. EVER. Seriously.


Publications. Videos. Websites. Groups. Presentations. MP3s.
(and a Tyrannosaurus Rex)
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    Social Media Influencer. Guest Presenter.
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    Newsletters Published.
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    Director of Member Services: BNI Northern Alabama
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    Hosted Rocket City Yoga Week
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    Recorded MP3s
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    Video viewed over 330,000 times!
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    Guest Podcaster: Designs by Jerry
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    Yoga Teaching


The Blunt Truth

(The tale of how yoga kicked my ass and set me straight.)
Yoga Found Me.
I've always been good at helping others - I was a corporate recruiter for 13 years. I connected great candidates to great managers...keeping the abundance flowing for both sides. However, I haven't always been good at doing the same for myself.
Now...I would love to share a romantic tale of my personal yoga journey - a glorious tale that depicts Disney-esque chirpy bluebirds of happiness whistling tunes of happiness & circling 'round my head as I danced my way (effortlessly) onto the yoga mat. However, the blunt truth was that those bluebirds were cigar-smoking, butt-kicking, Robert DeNiro sound-a-likes who spent their time divebombing my head, beating me with their wings and pecking the shit out me, trying to get my attention. 
I didn't stumble upon yoga...Yoga found ME.
I will also add that, without a doubt, Yoga saved my life.
I was lost. I had been lost for a very looooong time. I had become something and someone that was NOT jiving with my soul. I can look back now with much softer hindsight (I call it "kindsight") and see just how many decades I had been searching...my soul patiently standing by, waiting for me to find myself and reconnect.
I was around 30, a Yankee by birth, and had recently transplanted from Orlando to a small town in Alabama. Surrounded by strangers. A newlywed. Living in a completely different culture. Trying to make my marriage work. A new mommy. Trying to nest. A career woman. Trying to fit my mind & body into a mold that my soul was rebelling against. Even in a small town in the deep south, yoga found me. 
There's a well-known phrase: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."
I was ready. Yoga appeared.
The First Time I Stepped on a Yoga Mat, I knew I was HOME.
I found a VHS tape at a bookstore: Total Yoga by Tracey Rich & Ganga White. I don't recall much of my practice in those early days, but I know I took to it like a duck in water. The first time I stepped onto the yoga mat, I knew I was home.

I practiced, without fail, 5x a week...my infant crawling over & under me at times. A few months after my Total Yoga VHS find, the Universe delivered my teacher, Carol Stahl, and her lovely home studio: The Center for Yoga and Ayurveda. I cut my yoga teeth on Carol's trainings: alignment yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Ayurveda via Bri Maya Tiwari's Wise Earth School.
I inhaled. I exhaled. I sweated. I detoxed. I wept. I laughed. I chanted. I explored. I became my own biggest cheerleader. I celebrated the big things and the little things. I can still feel the utter elation I had the day my buttocks finally touched my heels in Balasana (child's pose). I still remember the first time I tried Nadi Sodhana and my nostril breath shifted immediately. I watched emotions and how they ran rampant through my body. I found my inner Warrior and I got to know her intimately. I practiced and I practiced and I practiced. I put myself first...for the first time.
Yoga Responded by Literally Turning My Life UPSIDE-DOWN.

Ganga White training us at White Lotus Foundation

Yoga began stripping away anything that wasn't healthy for me - anything that wasn't aligned with my soul: beliefs, people, jobs, body weight, inches, foods, homes, vehicles, etc. Long before I ever attempted to turn upside-down in Sirsasana (headstand), yoga prepared me by tossing and turning my life, building my inner strength and commitment to Self, and making me see things from a completely different perspective.
Many years later, the Universe offered me the gift of 16 life-changing days at White Lotus Foundation, sitting with Ganga & Tracey in person, training for my yoga teacher certification, praying I could help others as these 2 had helped me oh-so-many years ago.

My 200-hour certification from White Lotus Foundation

Doing Something EPIC.
For many years, I taught Hatha yoga: the yoga of sun and moon - a physical discipline which focuses mainly on asanas (postures) and breath-work in order to prepare the body for spiritual pursuits. I met thousands of hours and met thousands of yogis from all over the world. It was a glorious number of years!
Along the way, I made my dream come true - organizing and hosting Rocket City Yoga Week: a HUGE week of free yoga offered all across the Tennessee Valley region. The huge event continued to grow and expand for the next five years, offering 320+ different events, promoting 54 talented yoga teachers, and an overall attendance of 9,800+.
In year #4, I chose a 501(c)(3) charity to support, set our event class prices at $5 or free, and donated 100% of event monies to the charity. When the fifth and final Rocket City Yoga Week wrapped up in June 2017, we had donated over $10,000 in just two years.
Organizing this gigantic event year after year was a massive journey: into business, leadership, and, most importantly, faith in myself!

Rocket City Yoga Week event at Lowe Mill

These days, I’ve stepped away from teaching, vowing to be a student again.
Will I return to teaching yoga? Time will tell.
For now, I’m a mom, friend, freelancer, director, publisher, cat & dog whisperer, British TV watcher, college tuition payer, Harry Potter lover, and espresso drinker.
My yoga practice is LIFE, both on and off the mat.
Mitzi Connell - Rocket City Yoga Week

Rocket City Yoga Week

I created the largest, most successful annual yoga event in Alabama…and I’m pretty proud of it!