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Rocket City Yoga Week

I host the largest yoga event in Alabama!

  • Life Changer

    "Mitzi is one of the most creative and insightful people I have ever worked with.
    Her ability to get down to the root problem and offer concrete action steps to overcome any situation is second to none.
    Simply put, Mitzi is a life changer."
    ~Joe Martin

  • Awesome Coach

    "...an awesome coach.
    She has a contagious positive attitude that breathes life into the people around her."
    ~Mimi Zackery

  • Great Leader

    "I have worked with Mitzi for several years now as a member and leader in the BNI organization.
    Mitzi embodies the Givers Gain® philosophy of BNI and has always been willing to help others be successful in their business by coaching them and holding them accountable for their success."
    ~Jerry Williamson

My Favorite Video of the Week

20 Things We Should Say More Often
"Number 1: Something NICE. Anything!
If you can't think of anything nice to say,
you're not thinking hard enough."

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