Who is bragging about you right now? Who are your influencers?
Are you findable? Are you interacting with your fans?
What questions do you answer?

Let's find out!

Why Work with Me?

I listen. I learn your story, your passions, your WHY. I study your prospects, clients, fans, and influencers. I assimilate how you communicate in your business.
I mirror. The ability to mirror how you speak is one of my strong suits. Everything I write, post, tweet, blog, email, share, and respond to is done in your voice - whether it's breezy and conversational, educational and factual, or anywhere in between.
I organize. I manage and juggle your marketing editorial calendar, social media campaigns, blog content, email newsletters, events, and more.
I make you look ridiculously good. Seriously. I thrive on making others look good. I only take on clients I believe I can enhance.
I give a damn. "Writing well is part habit, part knowledge of some fundamental rules, and part giving a damn." ~Ann Handley
How I Serve

"Mitzi is experienced, professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, and inspiring. She is my go-to expert for marketing, social media, promotions, and web design. Message development and delivery is a critical component of my day job, and Mitzi's advice in those areas has been invaluable. My non-profit community support work relies heavily on marketing, social media, and promotions, and I turn to Mitzi whenever I have a question or a need. This year, our organization recently applied for and received a national-level arts grant that increased our annual budget by 10%. We designed our proposal and project branding based on Mitzi's marketing advice and are thrilled with the results. Strongly recommend!!"

Leah Cusker
Detailed Inspector General at U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

Let's get started.