November 27, 2016

3 Types of Learners and 56 Types of Content

November 26, 2016

36 Rules of Social Media [infographic]

October 3, 2016

52 Monday Morning Stress Reduction Mantras

Here are 52 Monday morning stress reduction mantras – one for each week of the year. I choose one Mantra every Monday morning and sit silently for a few moments, repeating it slowly in my mind as if I were meditating. I also write the mantra on a post-it note and stick it next to my computer monitor for the duration of the week. This weekly ritual has helped me reduce unnecessary stress in my life by reminding me to keep things simple and within a reasonable perspective.
September 28, 2016

Perseverance or Obstinacy?

Perseverance or Obstinacy? Years ago, I was invited to visit a BNI chapter and I initially balked at the idea. I’m the total opposite of a […]