Content Marketing
Social Media Management

1. Visibility...have you built it?

Are you findable? Are you accessible? How recognized is your brand? How memorable are you? Who are your fans? Who are your influencers? How many ways can future clients work with you? Are your fans interacting with you? Have you given them attractive reasons to do so?

2. Credibility...have you earned it?

What problems do you solve? What questions do you answer? Why should a potential client trust you? Are you known as a source of knowledge? What makes you unique? Are you getting consistent referrals? Who sings your praises and why?

3. Profitability...are you happy with it?

Improvement on your bottom line shows its sexy face once #1 and #2 are a well-oiled machine.

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Merry Bliss - MERRYoga, LLC

"Insightful and wise, Mitzi is extremely easy to communicate with. She has an almost magical ability to see how people are undervaluing themselves and discrediting their own accomplishments...and then bring those things into focus.

She's direct and honest...she will rarely sugarcoat what she has to say. In fact, I'll warn you: she's highly intuitive with zero tolerance for bullsh*t, so don't bother trying to fib her! She has an "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar" attitude. She invites you to be brave and jump out in faith."

~ Merry Bliss - MERRYoga, LLC