My Career Journey

“…Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.”
~Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata

  • Freelance Social Media Management

    (2009-present) I’m a social media crackerjack who loves the juggling involved with posting, tweeting, responding, liking, sharing, and hashtagging!

    I increase my clients’ visibility and credibility and enjoy planning their marketing editorial calendars. I organize, design, publish and repurpose blog content, social media campaigns, email newsletters, and/or events. I expand their social media reach, share their wisdom, invite prospects to learn from them, and build trust among their fans, influencers, and clients.

    Learned: I love words. I thrive when using both the logical and creative sides of my brain at the same time.  

    My Social Media Services 

  • Area Director of Member Support

    (2017-present, part-time) I support our regional managing director, Area Directors, Director Consultants, Chapter Leaders and more than 900 members in 40+ chapters of BNI North Alabama. I handle chapter memberships, applicant flow processes, invoicing, accounts receivable, membership renewals, event/training organization, technology challenges and user login issues.

    Learned: Technology and processes can save time…but relationships matter more.  

    My BNI profile

  • Government Proposal Editor

    (2016-present, part-time) A member of the team of professionals at BID Designs, LLC, I proofread, edit, and format government proposals and client marketing slicks/publications on an as-needed basis. This job requires extensive attention to detail and amazing teamwork.

    Learned: Keep a beginner’s mind. Details matter.

    Bid Designs’ website

  • WordPress Web Designer

    Clients came to me because I make them look good. I built them a dedicated, round-the-clock salesperson: efficient, effective, and always drawing in ideal clients.

    Learned: The value of my time & energy, and that “No” really is a complete sentence. 

    My website portfolio

  • Event Organizer

    For 5 years, I hosted the largest yoga event in the state of Alabama: Rocket City Yoga Week. During these 5 years, Rocket City Yoga Week offered over 300 events, taught by more than 50 talented yoga teachers, averaged a yearly attendance of +2000, and successfully raised over $10,000 for charity.

    1. To trust my BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal).
    2. That I have insanely high, big-picture-seeing, multitasking capabilities that many do not possess.

    Rocket City Yoga Week website

  • Networking Leader & Educator

    Building a personal network is just as vital as building a social media network. Having solid referral partners is non-negotiable in today’s business world.

    Learned: It’s wise to spend time working ON my business instead of always working IN it.

    Visit my chapter’s website

  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

    I’ve been on my yoga mat since 1999. Practicing yoga is about connection – to Self and to the world. After being laid off from my final recruiting career, I taught yoga full-time for 7 years, creating space for students all from all over the world to see life from a different point of view.

    1. What’s going on in life will show up on the mat.
    2. I do not need to fix anyone.
    3. I can create space, set the intention, do the best I can, and let go of the results.

    How yoga found me

  • Personal Chef

    How would your life be different if healthy, delicious, food was waiting for you when you walked in the door…and you haven’t had to cook a thing?

    I helped friends & clients put healthy meals on the dinner table for years. I fed their souls.

    1. Never assume client has the right equipment – bring my own.
    2. I despise touching raw chicken. Ugh.

    Read more here

  • Recruiter

    Virtually supported, recruited & sourced for US and global facilities. Recruited and staffed numerous divisions, spanning telecom & IT to Defense to Logistics & Global Supply Chain. Applicant tracking system on-site administrator and trainer.

    Learned: It never pays to doubt my first impression.


  • Radio & Technology Sales

    Account executive at 2 different points in my life: selling presentation systems and radio advertising.

    1. I refuse to spend my life in a car.
    2. Money doesn’t drive me and no quotas, swag, challenges, or incentives will change that. 

  • Casual Fine Dining Server
    Mitzi Connell - Career PathIn 1990, the #1 restaurant in Orlando was Pebbles, owned by DAVGAR Corporation. I spent 4 years soaking up the food, wine, and service industry knowledge. Years later, I became a personal chef thanks to the deep wisdom I gleaned from Pebbles.

    1. Exceptional customer service requires constant training and evolution. Train your employees. Make it non-negotiable.
    2. No other restaurant will ever measure up to the service & cuisine we had at Pebbles. EVER. Seriously.

Next…my portfolio.