You have ideas. Let's do them.

Dear Go-Getter,

1. You're an entrepreneur.
Mitzi ConnellThe fact that you're here, reading this, tells me you're longing to send your idea/product/service out into the world with intention and integrity. How do I know this? Because these are qualities I strive to radiate...and we attract what we radiate.

2. You have ideas.
...Perhaps you've recently put your idea/product/service out there for all to see and you now feel like a proverbial deer in the headlights.
....Maybe you've been at this self-employment gig awhile and feel like you're stuck in the mud, unable to move forward, unable to see clearly what the next step is.
...Or perhaps you're at the stage of: "I really love this THING and it my soul yearns to do this THING, but I have NO idea how to make this THING come to life...where do I start??"

3. Let's do them.
Together, we will dig in and get the real work done! You and I will roll up our sleeves and excavate the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY of your business concept. You will learn to strategize your branding plan. You will create your own customized, intuitive workflow. You will learn, grow, and expand like never before.

How Would You Like to Grow Your Business?

Let's dig in!

What's included:

Single session includes:
  • (1) 60-min intuitive phone or video coaching session

  • Monthly packages include:
  • Two (2) 60-minute phone or video coaching sessions per month
  • Consistent action steps during each session
  • Email support Monday through Friday

  • Major mojo that often takes place:

  • Straight-shooting analysis of where you are now vs where you want to be
  • No-holds-barred brainstorming
  • Rituals and practices to help you connect with yourself, set goals, create new workflows
  • Uncovering obstacles you're currently putting in your own path
  • Affirming practices you can implement to overcome obstacles & limiting beliefs
  • Proven tips and tools you can begin to utilize to market your business
  • Role-playing various entrepreneurial circumstances: networking skills, setting healthy boundaries, negotiating rates, bartering, and more.
  • These sessions are right for you if...

    From my client:

    Mitzi Connell

    "...Why Mitzi? Simple.

    Mitzi, because she’s everything a good coach needs to be: experienced, professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring.

    Mitzi, because she’s been-there-and-done-that. She understands how it feels to start from a dream and build a reality.

    (Hello, Rocket City Yoga Week!)

    Mitzi, because she practices what she preaches and leads by example, because she’s not just a coach: she’s an entrepreneur just like us, with a day-to-day business, a life, a family, and a limited number of hours in every day.

    The Mitzi difference, though, is that through her own hard work and experience, she’s learned how to focus those hours to achieve maximum return on what matters most.

    The Mitzi edge is her exceptional skill in translating and communicating that learning into real, practical techniques applicable to any business venture.

    The hours I’ve spent coaching with Mitzi have been efficient, effective, productive, and have generated real, measurable, bottom-line results. Without Mitzi, I might not have had the courage to enter the race; with her, I’m not just in it, I’m solidly on the path to success."

    ~ Leah Cusker
    Principal Consultant
    Read. Think. Write.

    If not now, when?