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I've had the pleasure of knowing Mitzi for the last 6 years as a member of BNI, Business Network International referral organization for business owners and top sales representatives. I've had the opportunity to work along side Mitzi and observe her organizational skills and her leadership qualities while she coached,counseled and inspired local business owners to help them be more successful in their businesses. But, I was most proud of Mitzi when I got to be an eye witness to her phenomenal Rocket city Yoga Week. It was an epic event in Huntsville, Alabama and I was so impressed with how she organized such a large event and she never skipped a beat in her day-to-day business activities. Certainly, she is one to partner with if you are interested in growing your business or organizing large, spectacular and memorable events Website
Jerry Williamson
I have worked with Mitzi Connell over the past two years and have witnessed incredible personal integrity and tenacity. She is a determined woman that handles marketing and promotion with ease. She is a wealth of knowledge and I have seen her handle multiple projects effortlessly without dropping the ball. Instead, she thrives on project management and understands marketing from an educated perspective. I highly recommend her. The BlueRoof Path
M. Gatlin
With compassionate toughness, Mitzi teaches you how to clarify, discern, and get stuff done. You'll build a marketing toolbox and workflow that fits not only your business but who you are as a person. Working with her is a truly customized experience. She meets you where you are, works with what you have, and challenges you to excel in ways you never thought possible!

Stacy Oliver-Skaggs
Mitzi is one of the most creative and insightful people I have ever worked with. Her ability to get down to the root problem and offer concrete action steps to overcome any situation is second to none. Simply put, Mitzi is a life changer.

Joe Martin
Insightful and wise, Mitzi is extremely easy to communicate with. She has an almost magical ability to see how people are undervaluing themselves and discrediting their own accomplishments...and then bring those things into focus.

She's direct and honest...she will rarely sugarcoat what she has to say. In fact, I'll warn you: she's highly intuitive with zero tolerance for bullsh*t, so don't bother trying to fib her! She has an "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar" attitude. She invites you to be brave and jump out in faith.

Merry Bliss
Mitzi remains one of the most considerate and caring people I've had the pleasure of working with in the past few years. Mitzi is an excellent networker and takes immense pride in helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

What impressed me about Mitzi is the fact that she never approaches the task from the perspective of mere corporate recruiter, her willingness to help is real and her passion to succeed is relentless.
Joe Durbin
...Why Mitzi? Simple. Because she’s everything a good coach needs to be: experienced, professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring. Because she’s been-there-and-done-that. She understands how it feels to start from a dream and build a reality. (Hello, Rocket City Yoga Week!) Because she practices what she preaches and leads by example, because she’s not just a coach: she’s an entrepreneur just like us, with a day-to-day business, a life, a family, and a limited number of hours in every day.

The Mitzi difference, though, is that through her own hard work and experience, she’s learned how to focus those hours to achieve maximum return on what matters most.

The Mitzi edge is her exceptional skill in translating and communicating that learning into real, practical techniques applicable to any business venture.

The hours I’ve spent coaching with Mitzi have been efficient, effective, productive, and have generated real, measurable, bottom-line results. Without Mitzi, I might not have had the courage to enter the race; with her, I’m not just in it, I’m solidly on the path to success."

Leah Cusker
Mitzi was great to work with...always extremely professional. I knew if she sent me a candidate they had already been qualified and fit the profile of what I was looking for. I would recommend Mitzi without hesitation.
Kenny Wicks
Outstanding professional with expertise in global recruiting, employer branding, hiring practices, tech recruiting and their associated technology, as well as project management.
Michael Gallagher
In business school, a professor encouraged us to make BHAGs, Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Creating a Yoga Week in Huntsville, AL was a BHAG. In a city more known for running and rockets, Mitzi recruited teachers, students, government officials and vendors to band together for a free week of yoga. I've attended both years. Mitzi is detail-oriented, energetic and determined resulting in events that are clear, well-organized and great fun!
LaDonna Bowers
Wow, what can I say about Mitzi that would really describe her talents and abilities? For the second year in a row, Mitzi has created and produced an amazing event. It seems like she has pulled off the impossible. She is a one-woman dynamo of epic abilities. Mitzi had a vision to bring together all kinds of Yoga resources and provide them to her community FREE for a week. She has raised awareness and assisted the expansion of Yoga and given opportunities for so many Yoga teachers to grow their business. The community education is invaluable. AND, she has put Huntsville, AL on the map as a great place to live, work and YOGA.! Congratulations, Mitzi... Rocket onward and Upward!
Deb Paradise
Mitzi has been a true inspiration to me. She is eminently professional while simultaneously deeply personable. Her ability to combine creativity, innovation, organization, and collaboration has propelled her career into directions most others would never dream of. Mitzi herself conceived of the idea of a citywide annual event celebrating the health and spiritual benefits of yoga, and she followed through and has now successfully executed it for two years running.

This event alone has touched hundreds, if not thousands, of lives in the Huntsville, Alabama area. But even without having done these huge events, I would always seek her out for individual and group yoga coaching. Working with Mitzi will always be a cherished part of my life experience.
Michael Trombley
Mitzi is on a mission! From one-on-one sessions, to being one person addressing one thousand and one (and more!) Mitzi is using yoga to add life, energy and balance to the community. Her passion, organization, and expertise have provided the right mix to grow an idea into a bona fide, community-wide event-- Rocket City Yoga Week.

Calling together the yogis from throughout the city, Mitzi has encouraged citizens to get moving and engaged. I high recommend Mitzi as a yoga instructor, an organizer, an innovative business person and a team captain/player who puts actions behind her words of support for a healthy community.
Holly Ralston

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